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5 Wine Tips That Will Make You Look Like A Pro

Whether you are a true wine enthusiast or just a white or red wine lover, you probably don't want to look like a fool when you schedule a visit to a vineyard. Believe it or not, your lack of expertise will be seen the second minute you enter a wine tasting room. But don't worry – we are here to share the best wine etiquette tips to make you look like a pro while tasting. Keep reading an article to discover them.

Best tips for wine tasting

The culmination of any vineyard visit is tasting the wine. To not look like an amateur and show your knowledge, you will want to follow the next wine tasting tips for beginners. The five S's are crucial to get the best tasting experience:

·        See the wine

Seeing your wine sample is one of the primary wine tasting tips. Take a glass of wine and hold it against the sun to glance at its intensity. Then, assess the wine's age. For this, lean the wine to one side, but be careful not to spill the drink. Aged whites stand for golden and copper hues, while old red wines have saturated colors with notes of pomegranate.

·        Swirl the wine

Swirling a glass of wine in circular movements will undoubtedly make you look like a pro. The truth is that this technique is typical for wine aeration, unlocking the rich aromas of an alcoholic beverage thanks to quick oxidation. Among different wine tips, it would be best to look at the drops of a glass to get insights into the wine's viscosity. The thicker drops, the higher your wine's residual sugar and alcohol content.

·        Sniff the wine

One of the excellent tips for wine tasting is sniffing your sample. After swirling, your wine is aerated and ready to give you its intense scents. Hold a glass closer to the face and breathe aromas through the nose. Whites traditionally feature citrus and tropical motives. Meanwhile, bold dark fruit notes in a flavor are native to red wines. Keep in mind that the fermentation process gives the wine secondary scents, like earthy notes, honey, and mushroom. The finish notes formed in the barrel where the wine was aged were the most complicated to catch. They include vanilla, nuts, and other motifs.

·        Sip the wine

The next example of wine tasting tips beginners is taking a tiny sip of your wine sample. You will identify new wine characteristics, such as sweetness, tannins, and texture. Remember that dry wines go side by side with high alcohol contents, and the astringent notes in the taste are related to high-tannin reds. As for the texture, you will notice that full-bodied wines stand for a thicker surface, and light white samples are easier to drink.

·        Swallow the wine

Experienced wine tasters will likely not swallow the wine, preventing exhilaration. But drinking each other's sip won't be harmful unless you start to feel tipsy. Feel free to spit the wine if you notice special empty containers on the table.

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