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How to Drink Wine?

Thu, Nov 11, 21
How to Drink Wine?

How to Drink Wine?

Wine is a wonderful accompaniment to a meal or a nice drink when hanging out with family and friends. How to drink wine can be procedural. Drinking wine can be intimidating for new wine drinkers, but it is not too difficult, and you will get the hang of it fast. If you are looking to learn how to drink wine properly, you can use a few tips to enjoy your wine tasting and drinking experience and find the best way to drink wine.

Choose a Wine

There are different types of wine, and if you are starting and wondering how to drink wine, it is best to choose a sweet white wine or rose wine. These are the mildest in taste and flavor. With time your palate may evolve to take on more distinct flavors. Before choosing a wine, examine the flavors that you enjoy. If you like sweet things, you may want a sweet wine. If you enjoy strong black coffee, you may enjoy a more acidic wine. Your preferences for other drinks and foods will guide you to choose a wine you will enjoy. Check the wine label and determine whether it is white, rose, or red, and consider other descriptions such as sweet or dry.

Choose Pour 1-2 Ounces of Wine Into Your Glass

Once you have your wine, you will pour a standard measure into the glass. Glasses come in various sizes, but the standard pour is about 1-2 ounces of wine. This amount allows oxygen to occupy the glass and open up the wine before you drink it.

Swirl It

Swirling wine allows oxygen to aerate it to release the aromas in the wine, which tend to settle at the bottom of the glass. Swirl the glass gently by placing your forefinger and thumb on the stem of the wine glass. Move the glass in small circular motions as if you are drawing small circles on the table. Swirl for a short time before tasting.

Smell The Wine

After swirling the wine, you will release the aromas in the wine. Sniff these aromas because it helps your brain process the scents, which will help you enjoy the wine and experience the flavor. To smell the wine, place your nose inside the glass and take a deep breath. Then close your eyes to concentrate on the smell and identify the different scents in the wine.

Taste It

It's now time to taste before you drink wine. Take a small sip, but not too small that you cannot taste it. Sip by sucking on it rather than gulping. Sucking it into your mouth allows the wine to get more aeration and swirl it in your mouth. It will allow your taste buds to experience what you smelt, which enriches the wine tasting as this will help you experience the best way to drink wine.

Swallow & Analyse The Aftertaste

After you swallow the wine, analyze the taste of the wine. Is it balanced, or does it have too much alcohol, too tannic, or is it too acidic? Also, check how much you like it and any taste you identified that you enjoyed. Consider whether the wine felt heavy or light in the mouth based on the richness of the aromas or it was light.


Now that you know the basic tips of wine tasting, you can experiment with different wine types to find the best pairings for food and what you enjoy. Wine drinking will be more enjoyable when you see the different tastes and how you respond to them.