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What Is The Best Wine To Serve With Easter Ham?

Wed, Apr 20, 22
Best Wine To Serve With Easter Ham

What Is The Best Wine To Serve With Easter Ham?

Easter holidays are usually associated with a family celebration, a warm atmosphere, and a table full of delicious meals and treats. Ham has been a favorite main course of Easter dinner for many years, and many families now enjoy this tasty savory meat. If you plan to cook traditional baked ham or try a new fancy recipe, selecting the best wine for Easter ham might be a concern. Today, we'll discuss what wine goes with Easter ham to make your guests happy.

What is the best wine for Easter?

Easter is a perfect time to enjoy a glass of dry white or rose wine to feel the atmosphere of this spring holiday. Once you serve a traditional panettone or simnel cake, be sure Prosecco is an excellent way to go – this sparkling wine with bold, sweet notes suits perfectly even Easter eggs! Chicken and salmon will taste well with dry whites, such as Tokaji Furmint. If you seek the universal option to pair with your Easter dinner, look no further than light red wine Pinot Noir – it appears as the best wine for Easter.

What wine goes well with Easter ham?

Ham brings a lot of rich, salty, and smoky flavors, so try to balance its taste with fruity and low-tannin wine. Ham goes well with dry whites, but you can easily serve it with a glass of fine red wine, depending on the ham style.

Crispy Riesling with prominent apple and lime notes is an excellent wine to serve with Easter ham, while another dry white wine, Gewurztraminer that stands by zesty motives, suits well a sweet-salty honey butter ham. If you will grill your ham for dinner, make sure Zinfandel remains a good choice for you. This red wine features bold dark fruity, and spicy notes that pairs fantastic with meat. Pinot Noir is another good wine for Easter for every red wine lover, especially if you bake ham with mustard glaze.

What kind of wine goes with Easter ham?

Red wine

Pinot Noir remains the best wine with Easter ham since it provides high acidity and low tannins that pair well with salty meat. Don't overpass this wine choice if you cook glazed ham that is rich in sweet-and-savory flavors.

White wine

If you are searching for a white Easter ham wine pairing, then Chardonnay is your best bet. With its soft spicy motives, this full-bodied white complements the salty flavors of ham greatly. Refreshing Riesling and zesty Pinot Grigio won't leave anyone indifferent.

Rose wine

Ham is well-known for sweet-and-salty flavor, so it would be better to select fruity wines with high acidity and slight sweetness. If you cook smokey and savory meat for an Easter dinner, serve it with traditional or sparkling Rose.

Sparkling wine

If you seek something light and not as dry to dilute the salty taste of ham, then Prosecco is ideal. Your guests will appreciate the pleasant bubble of this sparkler with any sweet glazed meat.