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What makes a light red different from red wine?

When you see the many pages of red wines available, you may wonder, "What is a light red wine?" Light red doesn't necessarily mean that the wine's color is lighter; it is a description of the flavor profile. Light red wines' flavors tend to lean more towards red fruits than dark fruits. Many light red wine types are lower in alcohol level and tannins so if you are sensitive to this chemical, light reds may be a headache-free choice.

What grape varieties are typically used for light reds?

The grapes used for light red wines include fifteen of the varieties of Lambrusco grape, Gamay, St. Laurent, Blaufrankish, Zweigelt, which is a hybrid of St. Laurent and Blaufrankish grapes, Pinot Noir, Cinsaut, Pinotage, Primitivo, Grenache, Counoise, Zinfandel, and Nebbiolo. In general, the cooler the growing climate of the grape, the lighter-bodied flavor the resulting wine.

What is the lightest red wine?

Lambrusco, one of the oldest styles of wine in Italy, is the lightest red wine. This adaptable vine comes in numerous varieties, and the resulting wines are just as varied but mostly feature bright acidity and berry flavors. The method used for making this slightly bubbly wine is part of what makes it particularly light. Lambrusco pairs well with Italian foods like pasta and meaty pizzas but also goes nicely with fruity desserts.

What is the best tasting light red wine?

Everyone's tastes are different, so to determine the best light red for you, know what you like in a glass. If you're looking for a light bodied red wine your best bets are Schiava, Pinot Noir, or Beaujolais. If you prefer a dryer wine, Pinot Noir is a good, reliable dry light red wine.

How to serve light reds?

Light red wines are popular for autumn months, but they are also perfect for warm weather. They work well with lighter courses like green salads and cheeses or as an offbeat pairing with fish. A light tasting red wine fits perfectly with mushrooms. A light bodied red Burgundy wine like a Pinot Noir pairs well with charcuterie boards and soft, rich cheeses. A Beaujolais is an excellent choice for Thanksgiving dinner. Light red wines should be served slightly chilled.


The team of Shop Wine Society truly hopes that this guide to light red wines for beginners has shown you that easy to drink light red wines are a versatile choice. Whether you prefer acidic wine or something fruity with a bit of sparkle, there is a light-bodied red wine that fits the bill.


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