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Wine For A Date Night

Choosing The Best Wine For A Date Night

Don't hurry up to open the cocktail menu if you want to impress a girlfriend on a date night in your favorite restaurant. It would be best to start with a bottle of fine wine to pair with roast ham, pasta, lobster, or whatever you order. However, many gentlemen get confused at this point. How to select the best wine for a romantic date? What is better – red or white? Let's find out in the article.

How to choose the perfect wine for a date night?

The truth is that the best wine for a date significantly depends on food pairings and your preferences. Anyway, start with a glass of sparkling wine with crisp acidity as an aperitif. If you order red meat, such as steak, it will go well with full-bodied reds that stand for bold flavors. Fish tastes good with a glass of white wine, while spicy meals require low-alcohol alcoholic drinks to soften nutty notes. It will never hurt to ask a waiter to recommend good wine for date night according to the meals you order.

What is the best wine for a first date?

The first date is always so exciting! Take action to impress your madam with a delicate fruity or light wine glass. Believe, she will remember that night for a lifetime.


1.     Best red wine for a date


If you schedule a first date at either a steakhouse or seafood restaurant, the best red wine for romantic night is undoubtedly Cabernet Sauvignon. The savory flavors rich in red fruits will complement fish and meat dishes perfectly. A more versatile option is Pinot Noir which is associated with a light-bodied wine. For a date, the best red wine will pair with almost everything on the menu, so you can not worry about suitable food pairing. Zinfandel appears as the best sweet wine for date night for everyone who appreciates sweet notes in the wine. Standing for good plum, cherry, and cranberry notes in a flavor will go well with curry and spiced meat.


2.     Best white wine for a date


Once you have a date at a restaurant with Chinese or Thai cuisine, look no further than the famous white wine for date night called Pinot Grigio. Offering light citrus and honey spice motives in the taste, this wine is perfect for all the spicy meals. On the other hand, the best wine for date night is Viognier. The delicate peach and mango notes in the flavor will greatly complement the atmosphere of love and impression.


Where to buy the best wine for dinner date online

An online wine shop is your best bet if you seek the best wine for date at home. You will no longer need to stay in traffic on the road from a market and bring heavy wine bottles home. Wine shops such as Shop Wine Society are genuinely appreciated by consumers.