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Prosecco Wine | The Complete Guide For Wine Lovers

Mon, Jun 13, 22
Prosecco Wine

Prosecco Wine - The Complete Guide For Wine Lovers

Bubbling wines need to be genuinely remarkable to receive world fame, and Prosecco remains one of them. Refreshing and fruity, Prosecco wine is now among the most popular Italian wines worldwide. Italy produces around 200 million bottles of this sparkling wine annually to meet the world's demand. Whichever you serve seafood, focaccia, or French macarons, Prosecco is a practical option to pair. In the article, let's discover everything you need to know about this famous wine.

What is Prosecco wine?

If you ask what is Prosecco wine, you are in the right place. Wine Prosecco is Italian white wine produced in multiple provinces in the Friuli Venezia Giulia, and Veneto regions. The wine is named after the cognominal village in the Italian province of Trieste. Prosecco is typically produced in frizzante (semi-sparkling) and spumante (sparkling) styles. Tranquillo or still style is also allowed in Prosecco manufacturing. It is worth mentioning that the average Prosecco wine price varies between $10 and $20 per bottle.

How is Prosecco wine made?

The best Prosecco wine is made mainly from the grapes Glera, which used to be known as Prosecco grapes. Nevertheless, specific DOC and DOCG rules let winemakers add up to 15% of grapes of other varieties to sparkling wine production. They usually include Verdiso, Perera, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Bianchetta Trevigiana. The method of Prosecco production incorporates using spacious tanks made from stainless steel for the secondary fermentation process instead of individual bottles. Using this alternative method makes the production less expensive, and the time to manufacture Prosecco white wine takes around 30 days.

What does prosecco wine taste like?

The alcohol content in Prosecco wine ranges between 10.5% and 11.5%. Furthermore, the flavor of this delicate light-bodied wine offers crispy notes of apricot, white peach, yellow apple, honeysuckle, and pear. Secondary notes in flavor are tropical fruits and hazelnut. It tastes light and fresh, while the introductory motives in the aroma are pretty dominant.

How to pair Prosecco?

As Prosecco rose wine stands for medium to high acidity, it remains a pretty versatile choice to serve with different meals. Fine bubbles in the taste complement appetizers, such as cheese trays and canapes. Once you opt for sweeter Prosecco red wine, make sure it tastes delicious with spicy foods. Thai curry chicken or nutty noodles are the best options to pair with refreshing Prosecco.

How to serve Prosecco wine?

Prosecco is better served as an aperitif. However, if you prefer sweet after-tastes, just like after eating a dessert, drinking a glass of this sparkling wine after dinner is the way. Remember that Prosecco wine should be poured highly chilled for the most concentrated taste and refreshing bubbles. After opening a bottle, consume this young bubbling wine in the shortest terms. Unlike preservations in Champagne that can make it vintage, it would be best to drink Prosecco in the first year after it is produced.