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Mon, Jun 06, 22
Low Calorie Wine Options

Low Calorie Wine Options

Counting calorie intake makes sense for everyone losing weight or following a strict diet. Furthermore, multiple people aren't ready to refuse a glass of their favorite wine to cut back on calories. In such cases, a good low calorie wine bottle appears as the best option. The truth is that most sweet and dessert wines stand for a high sugar concentration and, thereby, high calories. Let's discover everything you need to know about the best low calorie wine.

What wine is low calorie?

It is essential to comprehend that calories in wine come from sugar. Wines are usually made from grapes that stand for high natural sugar content. Fermentation doesn't permanently remove all the residual sugar from the alcoholic drink. So, the less residual sugar, the fewer calories in wine. Apart from that, alcohol is also crucial in wine's calorie content. Low sugar and low alcohol contents work to create low calorie wines.

How is low calorie wine made?

Winemakers specializing in low calorie wines typically harvest grapes that aren't mature enough. It results in less sugar content compared to mature wine grape sorts. Little sugar in wine also means less residual sugar and a lower alcohol percentage. In addition, some modern winemakers found grapes grown in cool regions excellent for producing low alcohol wines.

Heading What is the best low calorie wine?

·        Best low calorie red wine


A standard 5-ounce glass of red wine contains 120 calories on average. However, high alcohol percentage tends to add calories to red wine. The drier red wine, the fewer calories it poses. For some consumers, the best low calorie red wine is Cabernet Sauvignon. Other low calorie reds include Merlot, Pinot Noir, Burgundy, and Bordeaux.


·        Best low calorie white wine


Dry white wine poses calories similar to reds but a little lower. A 5-ounce portion of low calorie white wine contains approximately 116 calories. Light dry whites are your reasonable consideration if calories matter. Thus, the best low calorie white wine is Sauvignon Blanc, while multiple consumers appreciate Chardonnay to drink on a diet.


·        Best low calorie rose wine


In contrast to reds and whites, a standard glass of rose wine contains 105 calories on average. It seems like you don't need to give up wine to stay healthy. Go for Cense Rosé with bold strawberry and cherry flavors if you seek an excellent low calorie rosé. A single portion of this wine contains 85 calories.


·        Best low calorie sparkling wine


If you genuinely enjoy refreshing bubbles in a glass of your favorite sparkling wine, don't hurry up to refuse to drink it on a diet. Select a fine Italian Prosecco as a low calorie sparkling wine. You will leverage low calorie content (90 calories per portion), and don't sacrifice the pleasant flavor. Brut Champagne, a style of dry sparkling wine, is also a reasonable way to cut back on calories.