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Can Diabetics Drink Wine?

Tue, Mar 22, 22
Can Diabetics Drink Wine

Can Diabetics Drink Wine?

Red wine is considered the healthiest alcoholic drink since antioxidants contained in the wine have the potential to improve heart health in many people. But it might work only in the case of moderate drinking. The truth is that alcohol dependence can be risky for people with diabetes, resulting in worsening symptoms. As long as a patient doesn't have medical conditions that prevent them from alcohol consumption, they, in theory, can drink wine. Today, we will discover whether can diabetics drink wine and find out the best wine for diabetics.

Is Wine Safe for People With Diabetes?

Regardless of whether the wine is red or white, this alcoholic drink is associated with low sugar content. For instance, a standard 5-ounce wine serving contains around 1.5 g of sugar.


Nonetheless, a standard glass of wine has about 128 calories – drinking several portions of wine every day can lead to a significant weight gain. With the increasing calories and the potential weight gain, a patient with diabetes can take a risk to experience particular complications with the disease. It is worth mentioning that healthcare practitioners relate a higher possibility for diabetes complications, such as poor metabolism and low blood sugar to long-term excessive alcohol drinking.


Generally, alcohol drinking isn't as dangerous for people who have diabetes. Moderate or occasional alcohol consumption won't impact blood glucose levels in patients. The only condition for drinking wine for diabetics is the controlled blood sugar levels and a sufficiently healthy diet.

Does Wine Raise Your Blood Sugar?

Since sweet wines contain carbohydrates, they have the potential to raise blood sugar in patients with diabetes. Besides, alcohol can intensify appetite making an individual more likely to overeat. This results in poor blood sugar control, as well.

What Wine Is Good for Diabetics?

So, is red wine good for diabetics? According to the 2011 study on rats, the antioxidant properties of the red wine consumed daily tend to decrease the chance of certain diabetes complications. Another similar study conducted in 2013 concluded that drinking red wine is good to prevent nerve damage. Despite this evidence, some scientists recommend that people with diabetes at higher risk for heart diseases limit their alcohol consumption since there is no official proof that red wine can promote heart health benefits.


If an individual with diabetes is willing to drink wine, they should know some rules. For instance, limiting alcohol consumption after one or two servings is essential. Safer alcohol drinking is also related to avoiding drinking on an empty stomach, having a meal while drinking, and avoiding drinking when blood glucose levels aren't controlled well. A diabetes-friendly diet is also an excellent consideration.

What Kind of Wine Can Diabetics Drink?

When it comes to the best wine for diabetics to consume, any low sugar and low calorie red and white wines are their best bets. To prevent complications, patients with diabetes should avoid wines with higher sugar content, like dessert wines. In contrast, dry red wines with low to no sugar content are the healthiest choice among other alcoholic drinks for everyone considering their sugar intake.

What Is the Best Red Wine for Diabetics to Drink?

The best red wine for diabetics to drink remains a medium to light-bodied Pinot Noir, apart from a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, and fruity Merlot.