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A Toast To New Beginnings: What To Drink On New Year's Eve

Thu, Dec 16, 21
What To Drink On New Year's Eve

What Is The Best Wine For a New Year's Celebration?

How will you be ringing in the new year? With any luck, you'll be celebrating with friends and loved ones—but the menu is often as important as the guest list. And, of course, you'll need an answer to the perennial question of what to drink on New Year's Eve.


Champagne is widely considered the best alcohol for New Year's Eve. However, it's better to save that for the midnight toast. Before the ball drops, you can experiment with whatever New Years drinks you'd prefer. 

If you're stuck for ideas, it's never a bad idea to stock up on wine. Whether you're serving a chilled shrimp cocktail or an elegant Gruyere fondue, the wine will serve as the perfect accompaniment. In fact, for a well-rounded experience, you should choose more than one. Here are our top picks for the best wine for New Years' celebrations.

Believe it or not, no New Year's Eve is complete without a glass of Champagne! Originated in France, Moët & Chandon Rose Imperial Champagne is a perfect choice for a festive spirit with its bold notes of red fruits, rose, and pepper. This fine Champagne has been on the holiday tables for more than 270 years, so don't miss your chance to celebrate New Year in the best traditions. Try to serve this sparkling pink drink with red meat, oily fish, or shellfish, and enjoy the great combination of complemented flavors.

Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine first made in 1872. The flavor of Codorniu Clasico Cava Brut is rich in delicate notes of fruits, like apples, pineapple, and grapefruit that are perfect for serving to your New Year's table. The taste of sparkling wine is well-balanced with bold citrus motives and won't leave even the biggest connoisseurs indifferent! Codorniu Clasico Cava Brut is an ideal aperitif to serve with appetizers. It goes well with various dried fruits and nuts, and spicy dishes.

Champagne Taittinger Brut La Francaise is based on 40% Chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir and 25% Pinot Meunier. It is a pure and well-structured Brut that suits meals ideally on the holiday table. With its light notes of black raspberry, lemon peel, almond, and star anise, this Champagne is favorite for multiple sparkling wine lovers. The sweet cherry motives in the aftertaste complement the taste of Champagne as an aperitif. Be sure Taittinger Brut La Francaise is not only good for a midnight toast but the whole New Year's party!

Chuck Wagner, the owner of Caymus Vineyards, is responsible for this full-bodied Cabernet. The name alone brings bounty and blessings to mind, and the wine itself lives up to this promise.

With resplendent vanilla and berry flavors, toasty undertones, and a silky mouthfeel, Bonanza pairs well with rich red meats. Try serving it alongside prime rib and Yorkshire pudding, and be sure to save some for dessert—especially if there's chocolate involved.

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This second offering from the Wagner family is a full-bodied red that features notes of blueberry, vanilla, and oak. Bold, dry, and intensely tannic, this Petite Syrah has a deep ruby color that's sure to entrance your guests before they've taken a single sip.

Like most reds, the wine pairs well with beef, but it also holds up well to game meats. If you're branching out by including lamb or venison on your menu, Caymus Suisun Grand Durif makes an excellent New Years Eve wine.

Looking for a white wine for New Year's Eve? Try this pick from Rombauer, a ripe and richly concentrated Chardonnay that pairs well with roasted poultry and buttery shellfish.

From the fruity nose, to the citrus and melon flavors, to the creamy finish, this wine is a triumph from beginning to end. What's more, it's set at an affordable price point, making it easy to stock up in case you wind up entertaining more people than you expected.

It might seem counterproductive to list two Cabernet Sauvignons in the same roundup, but if you're looking for the best New Years drink ideas, you can't go wrong with either of our choices.

Twenty Rows makes a lovely ruby-red wine with intoxicating aromas of chocolate and currant. Once you take a sip, you'll notice an undercurrent of espresso providing a nice backbone to the cherry and blackberry flavors. The long finish means that the flavors will meld beautifully with your menu offerings. Try pairing this wine with a diverse charcuterie platter, preferably one that includes some hard sheep's milk cheeses.


Wine is one of the most versatile New Years alcoholic drinks you can choose for your celebration. By selecting one of the offerings from our list, you'll take the guesswork out of the buying process—and expose yourself to some excellent wines in the bargain.